Custom cigar labels and cigar staff for cigar roller events in Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota

We have graphics designers and a full graphics department to create cigar labels specifically for your Big Day!

Custom Cigar Bands are included for every Wedding and Corporate event

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Cigar Labels designed for your event and Cigar Servers for large events

Cigar Catering® provides cigar staffing for Orlando, Tampa and Sarasota that are cigar knowledgeable so you don't have to know about , graphics and planning. Your "cigar planner" will create a perfect package of features for your event that will make you successful on the Big Day. We are large guest list experts and know how to create a successful feature for 500 to 2000+ guests.

Cigar bands are included with all cigar roller eventsCustom cigar labels are always included

Cigar Labels designed for your event and Cigar Servers for large events

Cigar Servers are great complement to any event going on in Orlando or other areas.

Cigar Server or Waitress pictured with cigar roller

Custom cigar bands along with the cigars that you select will be served to guests at your event in a way that's reminiscent of the lounges from the prohibition era.

Rather than a guest walking to the cigar roller's table, your Cigar Server will bring the cigars to them. This makes for a visual addition and practical for guests.

All cigars presented with have your custom cigar bands attached
to remind everyone who threw the party. Custom cigar bands are designed with our own in-house graphics designers so no third party is involved. This gives you a very fast process and the cigar bands will fit perfectly on the cigar model you choose.

The cigar servers for any events in Orlando or any other area, takes your event to the next level and will impress your guests for many days to come, long after the experience.

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